Mouse River Outfitters also offers hunts for Deer. Big game hunters will be placed in pre-scouted tree stands or ground blinds based on the needs of the hunter or the animal being hunted.

Hunters will generally be dropped off before daylight and picked up at a predesignated time. Enjoy a hot breakfast before you go and come back for lunch. You can also choose to have a lunch packed that you can eat in your stand if you prefer to stay out all day.

Hunters will be allowed to switch stands if needed. Enjoy a homemade dinner with the rest of the clients and staff when you return at the end of the day.

Get your guns or bows sighted in and ready to go! That monster buck is waiting for you. You just have to go get him. All of our hunts are fair chase. So be patient and aim straight!

ND Licensing & Fees

Deer Archery | $250

Tag must be purchased prior to arriving for your hunt.

Deer Rifle | $277

Included in the price of the rifle tag is the general game and habitat stamp ($20.00), nonresident hunting, fishing, furbearer certificate ($2.00) application fee ($5.00).

All but the application fee is refunded if application is unsuccessful.