Every fall, tens of thousands of Snow Geese, Blue Geese, Canada Geese and ducks choose the fertile prairie wheat lands as a staging area for their southern migrations. The northwestern part of North Dakota is located within the Prairie Pothole Region, one of the most productive waterfowl areas to be found anywhere in North America.

Mouse River Outfitters has access to these wetlands plus many more acres of private land.

Our staff is truly professional. They have the ability to scout the perfect field, decide on the best decoy spread, and imitate the call of the incoming flock of birds. Your guide will impress you with his ability to orchestrate the perfect hunt and more importantly with his dedication to you, the customer.

Kramer is situated minutes from the finest waterfowl hunting anywhere in the country, just 21 miles from the Canadian border. Our facility is comfortable and modern. Our staff is professional and courteous. We strive to make your stay perfect in every way. Our lodge sleeps up to 18 people, with three bathrooms, two kitchens and a living room big enough to hang out with the staff and other clients. Everyone will gather in the kitchen trailer for three home cooked meals everyday. You will enjoy meals prepared by our professional chef. Sit back and relax while your birds are cleaned by our bird cleaners and the guides go out to scout for fields for the next day.

There is no better way to ruin a great hunting experience than to try to accommodate too many guns over a given spread. At Mouse River Outfitters safety is paramount, therefore we hunt a maximum of eight guns per spread, thereby assuring a quality experience for each of our guests.

ND Licensing & Fees

Waterfowl-Zone 3 | $100

The license is good for two 7 day periods or one 14 day period.

Hunting, Fishing, Furbearer Certificate | $2

Only need to purchase one per year and is good for upland birds and waterfowl.

General Game and Habitat | $20

Federal Waterfowl Stamp | $25

Only need to purchase one Federal stamp for any state.

Sandhill Crane | $30